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Healthy life is a precious gift of God but many people are those who do not care about it. They give more importance to money than health. They remain busy in earning more money and in the end they become the victim of many health problems. A person who wants to lead a healthy life should go for morning walk daily and include those activities in his daily life schedule which can keep him healthy and smart. Running, cycling and working out at gym are some best examples of those activities. Besides this, doctors also suggest people to visit doctor’s clinic once in a month so that doctor can come to know about all those health problems you are suffering from. The regular examination by the professional doctor keeps the person up to date about his health condition. Moreover, if the person is suffering from any health problem then doctor can start treatment at initial stage. The treatment at initial stage gives quick and better results. All in all, including healthy activities in daily life schedule and meeting doctor after every month keeps the person healthy and fit.

Nowadays, it has been noticed that many people are suffering from sexual problems. Men and women both can become the victim of sexual problem but the type may be different. Many sexual problems are those which only affect the health of men while some are those which only affect women. Erectile dysfunction is a sexual problem that only affects the sexual life of man. The man who is a victim of erectile dysfunction cannot maintain his penile erection for sufficient time. Due to this, he remains unable to have sexual intercourse with any female. When a person starts suffering erectile dysfunction? This is a common question that is asked by many people. Erectile dysfunction is directly linked with blood flow rate through penile arteries. To get enough penile erection, sufficient blood should flow through arteries when the man is sexually excited. But it does not happen in impotent person. Such a person has to take a medicine that can increase the blood flow. Levitra, Cialis and Viagra can be used for this purpose. But you should consult with your family doctor first before starting the use of any of the following. Since your family doctor knows your health condition better, so he will advice you the right dose of right medicine.

Do you know what the causes of erectile dysfunction are? Erectile dysfunction is caused by depression, heart problem, spinal cord injury and high blood pressure. A person who can prevent these health problems can avoid erectile dysfunction too. Blood pressure and heart problems are those health problems which are caused by unhealthy food. So if you love to eat junk and other unhealthy food, then you should change it because you may become the victim of severe health problems in future. For those who do not know, the impotence in men cannot be cured but it can be treated through available medicines.

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