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It is quite obvious to everyone that, without proper physical interaction of the two loving partners, there forms a gap, an emotional one or a physical one, between the two, weakening their relation in the long run, or may even take an acute form disastrously resulting in a breakup even against their will. Such an event is likely to occur of the male is suffering from sexual irresponsiveness or impotence. But, Cialis has a cure. This pharmaceutical monster is the creation of Lilly ICOS joint venture, a drug that as answers to all the questions of an impotent man. The drug acts ferociously against irresponsive sexuality of the male without compromising any vital function of the body. In the same way, the effectiveness of the drug is not to be taken lightly though its design offers minimum side effects and maximum desires effects.

Normally, there is an enzyme specifically located in the penile tissues called phosphordiesterase type-5 which acts to reduce the production of cGMP, cyclic guanosine monophosphate, a nucleotide that is an essential component of a cascade of reactions that very produce potent vasodilatation through a vasodilator substance known as nitric oxide. Vasodilatation is a process by which the blood vessels expand to increase their lumen space providing more room for blood entry. Cialis, is designed to cut off the action of PDE-5, that is to block the action of PDE-5 and cause sustained level or increase in the concentration of cGMP, corresponding increase in NO concentration and vasodilatation in the penile blood vessels. This way, more and more blood enters the vessels and gets accumulated in the sponge resembling structures of penis, like air filling in balloon; this causes the penis to get into an erect posture. It should be noted that, if the drug is taken alone, there would be no cGMP production; PDE-5 blockage wouldn’t have any effect, unless appropriate sexual stimulation causes cGMP production.

Other commercially available PDE-5 inhibitors also follow the same mechanism of action by they lack a few but very important features. Firstly, they, along with inhibiting PDE-5, also impact other PDE enzymes such as PDE-1 and PDE-6 which results in appearance of abnormal symptoms such as visual disturbances where as Cialis does not, thus Cialis offers minimal side effects apart from its maximized PDE-5 inhibition effect. Secondly, other such drug provides only a small duration of their effectiveness on the erection whereas Cialis extends it up to eye opening duration of 36 hours continuous. Thirdly, other PDE-5 inhibitors have food restrictions so the users cannot enjoy eating the food of their choice while making love which is, of course, not the case with Cialis, the users of Cialis could flavor their love-ly moments with any eatable they desire.

Drug administration is advised to be half an hour before sexual interaction so that it gets sufficient time to shift from intestines into the blood stream. Do not take the drug twice in 24 hours time, and do not take it of you are already taking nitrate containing drugs, in order to avoid life threatening hypotension. Though the minimal side effects the drug causes are meant to last for only a couple of hours, some of them are nasal congestion, stomach disorders, face flushing, headache, back ache, pain in limbs and muscles.

Improve your sexual performance with your partner by letting Cialis to deal with all the problems of impotence, erectile dysfunction and irresponsiveness of your genitals. Stop wasting your time, corrupting your health and spoiling your money by the tiring toil of hunting out the right drug for your sexual inabilities. Order Cialis from our online pharmacy and ensure the quality of your sexual medication and consequently the health of you and your physical relationship.

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