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There are many people who think that sexual problems are great problems for the sexual life of a person. They also think that it is nearly impossible to cure sexual problems. This thing has created a lot of fear in the minds of people. Any person who becomes the victim of a sexual problem feels that his sexual life has ruined. Now he/she will not be able to enjoy the sexual life like a normal person. Here is an advice for such people that they should remain calm and should consult to a professional sexual health care doctor and talk to him regarding your sexual problem. No doubt, there are many sexual problems which are incurable but you can treat them easily by the use of available medicines. There is a sexual problem which has become very common in men and it is known as erectile dysfunction. As its name suggest that erectile dysfunction problem is related to the penis erection. Many people face erection problem due to many causes. Some people have penile erection problem due to the diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol level and some are suffering with it because of stresses. A man can avoid erectile dysfunction by avoiding its causes. In present age, high cholesterol level and brain stress are considered to be the main causes of ED. The high cholesterol level inside the body can be avoided by the use of healthy food. The junk food that is sold in restaurants contains high amount of cholesterol and it is necessary to take only healthy food.

Which medicines are available in market and can be used for erectile dysfunction treatment? Well, there are only three medicines which you can take for ED treatment. These three medicines are known as Levitra, Viagra and Cialis. Your doctor can recommend you any of these medicines but most of the doctors will suggest you the use of Cialis. Cialis use as per doctor’s directions can allow a person to have sex for more than 3 hours. This medicine will make your penis erect and then you will be able to do intercourse with your partner.

Some safety measures should be taken before starting Cialis medication. The use of Cialis is not recommended to those who are already using nitrates. You will have to use either Cialis or nitrates containing medicine. If they are used together then they can cause sudden drop in blood pressure. Nitrates containing medicines are usually prescribed for heart disease and chest pain treatment. These medicines are also used as recreational medicines by many people. Drinking too much alcohol and using cigarettes may also cause severe problems which could be difficult to treat.

Let us discuss about the adverse effects of Cialis which are common in people. After the use of Cialis, the patient may start experiencing the headache, vision problem, upset stomach, facial flushing and blurred vision. When you start having any of these side effects, you should report it to your doctor so that he can treat it as soon as possible.

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